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Family Scholarship Program

The City of Albany recognizes that some residents require financial assistance in order to participate in activities provide by Albany Parks & Recreation. Scholarships are available to make programs more accessible to all Albany residents. 

Note: The program does not apply to all programs/services including, but not limited to, drop-in programs, sports, rentals or other designated activities.

General Recreation Program Scholarships

General Scholarship Form and Guidelines

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Help Albany Parks and Recreation provide recreation opportunities for all!

The Family Scholarship Program relies on donations from individuals, such as yourself, to help those in our community. Your contribution will help eligible local families take part in recreation programs and receive all of the benefits provided by Albany Parks and Recreation. For more information, call 541-917-7777.

Out-of-City user discount cards

Albany Parks & Recreation offers a discount card to those who live outside the Albany city limits that allows them to participate in Parks & Recreation activities at the same price as a resident of Albany for a 12-month period. Non-resident prices are generally 33% higher than those of Albany residents who pay a portion of their property taxes to the City. For regular users who live outside the city limits, but who regularly like to enjoy Albany Parks & Recreation classes, trips, and aquatics programs, this card can be a substantial savings.

The cost of the card is $40 for individuals and $80 for families of 4. It is active for a 12-month period from date of purchase.

Cards may be purchased in-person with cash, credit card, or check at Parks & Recreation (333 Broadalbin St SW, 1st floor) or at the Riverfront Community Center (489 Water Ave NW), or by phone with a credit card by calling 541-917-7777.


We promote healthy living through recreational experiences and serve as stewards of Albany's public parks and facilities.

Albany Parks & Recreation

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