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Due to guidelines from the State of Oregon and the Oregon Health Authority, all park/shelter rentals have been suspended until further notice.

The City of Albany manages over 770 acres of park land, walking trails and open spaces. Some facilities are available for public rental:

rent acp

Community Pool


rent cool

Cool! Pool

summer only

rent shelter

Park Shelters

Bowman, Bryant, Grand Prairie, Monteith

late spring–early fall

rent senior center

Senior Center


rent fields

Softball fields

late spring–early fall

Learn more...

rent stages


Monteith, Timber Linn

late spring–early fall

All fees and deposits are required at the time of reservation.

Payments may be made by phone with a MasterCard or Visa, or in person at Albany City Hall, 333 Broadalbin Street SW. The reservation phone line is 541-917-7777.

Shelter Fees and Amenities

Rental fees and amenities vary by park site. Some park sites include electricity, sinks and stoves. A refundable damage deposit of $100 is required.

Commercial use of a park requires approved Rental Reservation Form, applicable rental payment, and payment based on commercial gross sales (generally 15%). Call 541-917-7777 for additional information.

 CapacityWeekdays (Monday–Thursday) Weekends (Friday–Sunday) & Holidays
ResidentNon-Resident Resident Non-Resident

Bryant Park

801 Bryant Way SE
Shelter #1: electricity, water bib, 2 BBQs in vicinity, tables (portable) under shelter and 11 in vicinity, seasonable portable toilets; 
Shelter #2: electricity, NO WATER, 2 electric stoves, tables (portable) under shelter, double tables seat 96.
Shelter #1 80 $95 $120 $115 $150
Shelter #2 100

Grand Prairie Park

2530 Grand Prairie Rd SE
Shelter: sink, electricity, stove, larger group BBQ, tables (permanent) under shelter, seats 64, LIMITED PARKING.
Shelter 60 $95 $120 $125 $165

Monteith Riverpark

489 Water Ave NW
Shelter: electricity, NO WATER, 2 BBQs in vicinity, tables (portable) under shelter, seats 48; Stage rental by permit only, includes use of shelter.
Monteith Shelter 50 $100 $125 $140 $180
Monteith Stage & Shelter t/b/d $175 $230 $355 $470

Timber Linn Park

900 Price Road SE
Both r shelters: sink, electricity, stove, 4 BBQs in vicinity, tables (portable) under shelter, each shelter seats 144; Amphitheater rental by permit only, $100 refundable damage deposit.
Timber Linn #1 or #2 160/160 $110 $140 $235 $315
Timber Linn Amphitheater t/b/d $500 $500 $675 $675
(or 15% of gross ticket sales, whichever is greater, not to exceed $5,000, subject to Director's discretion)


Some activities in City Parks are allowed by permit only; they include amplified sound, road closures and parades, wood recovery and alcohol use in some specific parks.

  • Permit Form Please complete a “Permit Form” for sound, road closures, parades and wood recovery.
  • Alcohol Permit Form Only beer and wine, no hard liquor, may be consumed in the parks. Albany Skate Park, Bryant, Bowman, Burkhart, Dave Clark Path, Eads Park, Eleanor Park, Kinder Park, Monteith Park and the Oak Creek Greenbelt and Trail require the completion of an “Alcohol Permit Form”. Other events and activities may require an alcohol permit. “No Host Bars” or the consumption of alcohol in conjunction with the sale of or charge for anything at an event requires an OLCC Permit (obtained from the OLCC).
  • Permit-Codes This will provide you with some Albany Municipal Code (AMC) information for sound, road closures, parades and wood recovery in our parks.

Refunds and Deposits

  • Our mission is to be good stewards of Albany’s parks and facilities. Occasionally, we may need to cancel a rental reservation. In the event the department cancels a facility or park reservation, a full refund will be offered.
  • If a renter decides for any reason to cancel more than 30 days prior to the rental, a full refund will be given, less a $25 processing fee. Cancellations made less than 30 days before the rental will result in a forfeit of the rental fees, however, deposits paid will be returned. If another renter is found, fees and deposits paid will be returned, less a $25 processing fee. Permit (alcohol, sound, etc.) fees are non-refundable. Rental fees and deposits may not be transferred to another date or facility.
  • In order to provide you with a positive experience in our parks and shelters, as well as to best utilize our staff in their given responsibilities a “Deposit Checklist” has been provided. To receive your deposit back after your rental, THE AREA YOU RESERVED MUST BE LEFT IN AT LEAST AS GOOD OF CONDITION AS YOU FOUND IT.

Timber Linn and Bryant Park Adult/Youth Sports Softball/Baseball Complexes

3 fields per complex, with 315’ home run fences, 15’ warning tracks, 60’, 70’, and 80’ base offerings, lights, covered dugouts, gated facility, park setting with many shade trees, parking, portable bathroom facilities, portable pitching mounds, fast-pitch rubbers, and 200’ temporary fencing option.

Per weekend
(Friday, 2:30pm–Sunday, 2:30pm)
  • $800/weekend w/o lights
  • $1000/weekend with lights
  • $150 refundable damage deposit
  • $50 non-refundable retainer fee

Tournament Rental Permit Request


  • Please complete the Rental Reservation Form to reserve a shelter in one of the City parks.
  • Reservations for park shelters and open space are taken on a first come, first served basis.
  • Park shelters may be reserved up to 13 months in advance.
  • Reservations give renters exclusive use of the shelters only. The remainder of the park is open to the public. Open space in City parks is not available for rent.
  • For large events or special requests, Parks & Recreation will work with you to identify services available.

Park System Map


We promote healthy living through recreational experiences and serve as stewards of Albany's public parks and facilities.

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