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Highlights is a bi-monthly newsletter published by the Albany Senior Center in cooperation with the Albany Area Seniors, Inc. Get the scoop on upcoming events. Find out what classes are being offered each quarter. Enjoy the latest information on services available for older adults. From upcoming events and a calendar of activities to trip opportunities and information on services, Highlights provides bi-monthly information designed for individuals age 50 plus. For more information on the Highlights, call 541-917-7760.

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To subscribe or to renew your subscription, complete the subscription form and mail it to the Albany Senior Center at 489 Water St. NW, Albany, Oregon 97321

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Highlights is offered free of charge to persons over the age of 50 who reside in the Albany area. We want everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, to receive the newsletter. That said, you know of course that nothing worthwhile comes without cost. Donations are used to pay for paper, printing, ink, postage, and production. It costs $14 per year for each subscription. Those who are able to donate more make it possible for those less fortunate to obtain Highlights


We promote healthy living through recreational experiences and serve as stewards of Albany's public parks and facilities.

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