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Victim Impact Statement

A victim impact statement (VIS) is the vehicle through which a victim of crime is given the opportunity to be heard before the sentence is imposed. This right to be heard gives the victim an opportunity to express how this crime has affected them emotionally, monetarily, physically or psychologically and provides a way to offer thoughts, suggestions and recommendations on a defendant’s sentence. The statement can be made in writing and/or given orally and can be presented personally by the victim, victims’ next of kin or through an attorney.

When a defendant is charged with a crime, and you choose to explain to the Court your experiences, you may do so in a variety of ways. Fully explaining to the Court your experiences is very important. By doing so you are giving the Court the opportunity to consider the impact of the crime on you and others.

Download Victim Impact Statement form and instructions

Restitution Information Form

Restitution is the money the Court may order a defendant to pay a victim for certain losses, including stolen or damaged property, medical bills, counseling or lost wages. Restitution is only considered for losses directly related to the charge(s) against the defendant(s).

Download Restitution Information form and instructions

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