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Republic Services picks up leaves on paved public streets with curbs and gutters over three 2-week periods each year. The exact date for leaf pickup at your location during each 2-week period can vary depending on the volume of leaves.

Collection periods for 2020

October 26
November 6

November 9
November 19

November 30
December 11

You can also use your yard debris cart or compost piles to dispose of leaves any time.

Leaves left near stormwater drains create hazards and pollution

leaf2Leaves piled on or near stormwater drains or planters can make rainwater pool on streets, creating unsafe driving conditions such as flooding and slippery surfaces. Putting leaves directly into storm drains pollutes waterways, harming fish and other wildlife. Please wait until the beginning of each collection period to move your leaves into the street.

Help prevent flooding, keep waterways clean, and make streets safer for bicyclists and drivers:

  • Place as many leaves as possible in yard debris carts or compost bins or piles.
  • Rake remaining leaves into the street without blocking drivers’ visibility or bike lanes.
  • Piles should be long, low, narrow piles two feet from the curb.
  • Keep leaf piles away from storm drains and stormwater planters to prevent clogs and flooding. 
  • Call Public Works at 541-917-7600 if you see flooding or a storm drain that is clogged.
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