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Our wet spring weather has provided perfect growing conditions for grass and weeds throughout Albany. Unfortunately, Albany residents can't rely on the City to do anything about overgrown private properties.

City staff who have handled grass and weed complaints in prior years are also responsible for keeping track of vacant houses and other buildings and making sure they are secure. The increase in vacant homes due to the foreclosure crisis combined with a limited City budget leaves staff unable to investigate complaints of overgrown lawns, weeds, and blackberries on private, occupied property.

But staff can take action when offending vegetation is on City-owned property or in clear vision areas that must be maintained at each access to a public street (such as driveways) and at any property corners next to street or railroad intersections. (Albany Development Code 12.180)

Residents can help out, too. If there is a yard nearby that hasn't been mowed for weeks, reach out. A neighbor who is unable to mow the yard on his or her own might appreciate some help. A little investment of time and caring can pay off in making the entire neighborhood better!

If you know of a vacant property that is not being maintained, call 541-791-0155, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or use the form below.