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Republic Services

Republic Services is the disposal services franchisee for the city of Albany.

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Ways you can "live green" | Cleaning up recycling by removing contaminants | Green disposal of old, unwanted, or used products

Living Green


Green your cleaning

Green your yard

Green your community

Green your block

Green your perspective

  • Relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Share a picnic lunch with your family at a City park.

Sustainability practices at the City

Sustainability provides a way of thinking about how to solve issues related to concerns about the environment, changing economies, and rising energy costs. This includes thinking about sustainability in strategic planning and policy development, how the City delivers core services, as well as the day to day decisions and actions of individuals.

These are some of the efforts made by the City to reduce, reuse, and recycle:

  • Reduce the use of paper by increasing electronic documents and information sharing
  • Recycle paper, plastic, metals, oils, cardboard, and electronic equipment
  • Increase use of recycled products
  • Purchase of green cleaning products for City buildings
  • Recycling facilities at public events
  • Reuse wood chips for park paths and tree mulch
  • Pretreatment program protects water quality and local watershed health
  • Erosion and sediment control programs
  • Water conservation and leak detection program
  • Reuse of biosolids on local farms
  • Energy conservation audits of City facilities
  • Energy-efficient lighting installed at City facilities
  • Power management implemented on all City network computers
  • Use virtual servers instead of physical where appropriate to lessen power and cooling requirements
  • Water-efficient planting and irrigation controls in parks and rights of way
  • Tree preservation measures and tree planting
  • Bike and pedestrian path improvements along city streets
  • The Public Works & Police Departments have purchased a hybrid vehicles
  • Development Code that includes some Smart Growth principles such as village centers, cluster development, and design guidelines
  • New wastewater treatment plant will reduce and prevent sewer overflows into the Willamette
  • Hazardous waste disposal and reporting program
  • Integrated pest management in parks
  • Annual river cleanups

Cleaning up recycling by removing contaminants

With requirements changing in the world market, it’s important more now than ever, that our recycling is as clean as possible. This not only means making sure materials are empty, clean and dry, but also that only the right materials are going in the cart. A contaminant is anything that isn’t recyclable and therefore should not be in the recycle cart.

The chart below from Republic Services shows a list of common contaminants found in the recycle cart, with information about why they shouldn’t go in and how to properly dispose of these items. Republic Services will continue working with customers to convey the changes in recycling. Remember that the cleanliness and quality of recycling is of the upmost importance, so when in doubt, throw it out.

Recycling contaminants provided by Republic Services

Where can it go?
Paper milk/juice cartons, paper broth containers, paper coffee cups These have tiny plastic fibers embedded in them, which are difficult to separate from the paper fiber for recycling These items should go in the trash. Try to reassess purchasing habits and find products with less packaging or more recyclable material
Nursery pots There currently are no markets for this plastic. Trash, or reuse for other plants or creative activities
Clamshells No market currently exists for this low-grade plastic. End of life phase. Place in trash cart. Avoid purchasing when possible.
Plastic bags Plastic bags mixed with other recyclables can jam the sorting equipment at the sorting facility Many local grocery stores have collection bins for plastic bags too.
Garden hoses Hoses can wrap around machinery at the sorting facility, which could cause damage Place in the trash if it can’t be repaired for reuse
Chain & other scrap metal These items can get caught in machinery and cause harm to workers Bring to the scrap metal bin at Republic Services recycle depot or to a scrap metal buyer
Clothing Clothing wraps around machinery and can cause friction fires Donate; repair; repurpose as rags; or place in trash
Garbage Garbage is not recyclable and only contaminates the good material being placed in the recycle cart Placed garbage in the trash cart or bring to landfill. Call the office if you need a bigger cart
Styrofoam Breaks into tiny pieces when compacted in the recycle truck, no local recycling facility, uneconomical to transport. Place in trash. Block Styrofoam may be recycled at St. Vincent de Paul in Albany (call ahead first to double check)
Plastic cups, plates and silverware No market currently exists for this low-grade plastic. End of life phase. Place in trash cart. Swap out for durables when possible.

Green disposal of old, unwanted, or used products

Reuse first if you can, but if you can't here are some places to dispose of certain items:

Automobiles / cars

Cars To Cure Breast Cancer

Wheels for Wishes
Batteries, car AutoZone, Battery X-Change  
Batteries, rechargable tools Home Depot  
Batteries, rechargable less than 11lbs. Staples no single use alkaline or lithium
Car fluids Republic Services motor oil in sealed container
O’Reilly Auto Parts motor, transmission, and gear oil with no water; and oil filters that have been placed in ziplock bag
Mac’s Radiator antifreeze; please call first 541-926-6616
Compact fluorescent bulbs Home Depot  
 e-waste   St. Vincent de Paul, Goodwill, Teen Challenge, Republic Services desktops, laptops, tablets, monitors, TVs, printers
Staples ink cartridges, computers, printers, shredders
Other locations available on Oregon eCycles
Holiday light string Republic Services late November-early January only; see calendar
Household Hazardous Waste Republic Services Annual household waste event held in October
Medications Albany Police Department Prescription Drug Box over the counter, prescription, and pet
Miscellaneous Albany Habitat for Humanity Candle wax, eye glasses (in partnership with Albany Lions Club), Ink cartridges, cork, egg cartons, all metals
Unusual and don’t know what to do with it? Look here
Parr Lumber, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Miller Paint, Sherwin Williams  
Other locations available on PaintCare