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Step 1

Make sure that all water fixtures and water-using appliances are off. This includes sinks, showers, washing machines, ice machines, refrigerators, and any other appliances that use water.

Step 2

Locate your meter box, normally in the sidewalk or parking strip in front of your home.  Remove the meter box lid and identify the type of water meter you have. There are currently two types of meters:

meter type a

The first type of water meter will have a register with a low flow indicator. These meters will have a small white, black, or red triangle on the face. With all water off, if this low-flow triangle is spinning, it is an indication of a leak.

meter type b

The second type of water meter has an electronic or digital register with a series of numbers much like an odometer in your car. With all water off, look at the numbers on the far right. If the numbers continue to turn, it is an indication of a leak.

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