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Android Settings

  1. Press the settings icon (you may have to go to the all applications screen)
  2. Scroll to accounts & tap it
  3. Verify accounts already created
  4. Press “Add Account” button at bottom of window
  5. Tap Corporate
  6. Enter email address & password then press “Manual Setup”
  7. Security warning-hit continue
  8. Modify the username to be COA\”username” (the same username you use to log into your pc at work; leave out the COA\ if there’s a separate field for the domain)
  9. Domain = COA (if asked separately)
  10. Bring the cursor to the front of the exchange server field to add: webmail. so it reads:
  11. Check the box to use SSL certificates; do not check the next box to “Accept all SSL certificates”
  12. Press Next & then it should pause a few seconds while it’s processing 
  13. Choices: Mail check; contacts check; calendar check
  14. Hit finish setup
  15. End…
  16. Navigate back to Settings|accounts |Corporate|Account settings | select your city email account or general settings depending on what you want to change
  17. Then you come to a screen providing options for how email comes in (should be set to automatic/push), amount of history to sync, etc.
  18. If an error pops up instead, recheck your settings & re-enter the password carefully & try again.
  19. Your city email will now be under the Ap “Email”; you’ll have a choice there btw your other POP3 account (eg Comcast, Outlook, etc) and this exchange email (COA).

iPhone Settings

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendar & tap it
  3. Tap “Add Account”
  4. Tap “Exchange”
  5. Enter your city email address & password then press next
  6. It will present additional fields to fill in:
    • Server:
    • Domain: COA
    • Username: the username you use to login to any City pc
  7. Tap “Verify” in upper right corner
  8. Either accept the default settings of syncing Email, Contact, Calendar & Reminders or change the slider to turn off whichever ones you don’t want on your phone
  9. Tap “Save”
  10. Go to the Home screen then verify you’re getting emails; contacts & calendar appointments will take a few minutes longer to show up