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This information was provided by franchisee Republic Services

When does weekly yard debris and food waste service begin?

Beginning in the first week of September 2021, you can put your yard debris cart out weekly with your regular recycling and trash carts. No need to remember which week to put out your yard debris cart!

When is food waste service?

The average Oregon household generates nearly 9 pounds of food waste (a combination of wasted food and food scraps) each week. Until recently, your food waste had to go in your trash cart, which ended up in a landfill. Beginning the first week of September 2021, you can begin putting all your food scraps in your yard debris cart, where it will be taken to our composting facility and turned into compost.

Depending on how much food waste your household generates, putting food waste in the yard debris cart may allow you to opt for a smaller trash cart and reduce your bi-monthly bill.

Can I put the containers my food comes in into the yard debris cart?

No. Do not put food containers in the yard debris cart. We do not accept any compostable containers or plastic of any kind. If they are disposable or single-use, please place food containers in your regular trash cart.

How will these changes affect my bill?

You will see an increase of $2.95 per month per yard debris cart on your bi-monthly bill. Most Albany residents are billed every 2 months (current month and 1 month ahead), so you may see an increase of $5.90 per yard debris cart ($2.95 x 2 months) on your bill in August or September, depending on when your bill is due.

Why is Albany yard debris service changing?

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Oregon Legislature set certain environmental goals for cities to meet to help keep Oregon beautiful, healthy and livable. One goal is that cities must increase opportunities for their residents to put more of their organic waste into the yard debris cart and to help 25 percent more food waste go to composting facilities instead of landfills.

The City of Albany partners with Republic Services® to provide recycling, trash and yard debris removal services, and other recycling opportunities. In response to residents using their yard debris carts more often, to simplify your yard debris removal service and to meet DEQ goals and requirements for cities, the Albany city council approved weekly yard debris and food waste service in our city. Remember that reducing food waste at home is the most sustainable action we can take. Visit for tips on how you can reduce food waste.

Will this affect street leaf pickup this fall?

No. Annual leaf pickup will continue as normal. You may also find filling your yard debris cart with leaves every week a more convenient way to keep your yard clean and healthy while maintaining

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