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The Community Development Department is made up of the Building and Planning Divisions. The Building Division helps ensure the safety of our community's buildings and compliance with state code standards. The Planning Division makes sure Albany has attractive environments to live, work, shop and play in.

eplans-logo-buttonDevelopment Resource Center

The City has created a Development Resource Center to better serve the development community by providing a centralized location for developer and builder related information.

Forms & Checklists

Find information on the permit and application processes for permits issued by the City. Additional information on individual permits and/or applications is available on each department’s web page or by working directly with City staff.


Map-based information on parcels, zoning, permits and more.

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Building Division

The City of Albany Building Division helps ensure that our community's buildings are safe and comfortable through the review of plans, issuance of permits and inspection of all commercial and residential construction, including plumbing, mechanical, electrical and fire life safety work. Building staff works with contractors and citizens to help ensure that their construction projects meet the state code standards.

Planning Division

The Planning Division works to make great neighborhoods and an attractive and energetic environment for us to live, work, shop, and play. Our services include current planning, long-range planning, special area planning, and historic preservation. We can help you with your zoning and development questions, urban renewal projects, historic buildings, and much more.