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The Articles below reflect revisions to the Albany Development Code adopted July 14, 2010, by the Albany City Council.

  1. Table Of Contents (6KB pdf)
  2. Article 1-Administration And Procedures (242KB pdf)
  3. Article 2-Review Criteria (161KB pdf)
  4. Article 3-Residential Zoning Districts (308KB pdf)
  5. Article 4-Commercial And Industrial Zoning Districts (4.26MB pdf)
  6. Article 5-Mixed Use Village Center Zoning Districts (591KB pdf)
  7. Article 6 - Natural Resource District (685KB pdf)
  8. Article 7-Historic Overlay District (798KB pdf)
  9. Article 8-Design Standards (789KB pdf)
  10. Article 9-On-Site Development And Environmental Standards (781KB pdf)
  11. Article 10-Manufactured Home Development Standards (145KB pdf)
  12. Article 11-Land Divisions And Planned Neighborhoods (182KB pdf)
  13. Article 12-Public Improvements (809KB pdf)
  14. Article 13-Signs (358KB pdf)
  15. Article 22-Use Categories And Definitions (429KB pdf)
  16. Amendments (96KB pdf)
  17. Any Special Status List (328KB pdf)

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