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Urban Forestry Program

treecityTree City, USA

Albany recently received the National Arbor Day Foundation's Tree City USA designation for the 18th consecutive year.

The City of Albany has been involved with the Tree City, USA program since 1993. The Tree City, USA program is set up to encourage the planting and care of trees and shrubs throughout urban areas of the United States. Participation in Tree City, USA represents a strong community commitment to management of trees and other natural resources.

What is an Urban Forest?

An urban forest consists of all the trees and vegetation that exist within a City. This includes all of the trees that line our streets, as well as the trees in parks, natural areas, parking lots, and residential yards. This forest plays an important, yet often overlooked, role in establishing healthy places for people to live. Becoming more aware of the values the urban forest provides our community is a first step toward protecting and enhancing the quality of life we all enjoy.

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