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Payment Options

Automatic payment from your financial institution:

Online bill pay with your financial institution:

  • A service provided by your financial institution that allows you to pay your bills online. 
  • You need to sign up for this service with your bank or credit union, set up Albany Utility Billing as a payee (make sure you include your name and account number in the memo box), and enter the amount owed on your bill. 
  • Your financial institution will send the check to us for you.

Online payment:



Dropping-off your payment:

  • Albany City Hall, 333 Broadalbin St SW, (at the Utility Billing counter inside or drop box outside City Hall in the main parking lot)
  • Safeway, 1990 14th Ave SE
  • The Shipping Store, 1645 9th Ave SE
  • Postal Connection, 2532 Santiam Hwy SE (in the Fred Meyer shopping center)

Mailing your payment:

  • Send a check for the amount owed to: Albany Utility Billing, P.O. Box 945, Albany, Oregon, 97321
  • Use the return envelope provided with your bill; remember to put a stamp on your envelope before mailing. Please do not send cash.

Starting and Stopping Service

Leak Adjustment

Low-Income Assistance

Assistance is available for qualified low-income senior or disabled water customers in the City of Albany.

Understanding Your Water & Sewer Utility Bill

Need help reading and understanding your bill? This handy guide will show you the basic sections of your utility bill.

Save Water and Save Money


Rate Resolutions

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