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Would you like to promote your organization and help keep Albany's Parks clean?

belly2Meet BigBelly, the world's first and only solar-powered compaction system. BigBelly is an innovative, environmentally conscious solution to a long standing urban problem—overflowing trash cans.  BigBelly solar compactors have the same footprint as metal trash cans, but can hold 5 times more trash with on site compaction, reducing collection requirements by up to 80%.


The city won't have any more added costs, but will reap the benefits of fewer trucks on the road to collect trash, decreased emissions, and cleaner, quieter streets. The city can eliminate overflows and animal issues thanks to additional capacity and enclosed containers.  An effective recycling program can be established in the city parks and at the ball fields where water and sport drink bottles make up the majority of the waste.

The BigBelly won't use any energy since it is 100% powered by a solar panel and has an internal electric eye that detects the level of trash and triggers compaction as needed. A software program is used to manage the fullness of the bin, letting crew members know when the bin needs to be emptied.

belly1Installing BigBelly solar compaction systems will be a huge step in becoming a greener city.  You can help Albany become cleaner and greener by sponsoring your own BigBelly. The City of Albany's Adopt-A-BigBelly Program is a public-private partnership to purchase these solar-powered waste and recycling compaction devices for placement in Albany's parks. Your participation in this program is also tax deductible.


If you or your company is interested in adopting a BigBelly, please take a moment to fill out our interest form.